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Independent Electrical Safety Testing in NSW


Spark Safety Solutions specialises in independent electrical safety testing with Thermal Imaging, RCD Testing, and Appliance Testing & Tagging in the NSW area.

Our passion is to ensure the safety of your team, your premises and ultimately your livelihood. This is integrated with a preventive maintenance service you can rely on.

Combining these three core electrical safety testing services gives you the ultimate insight into the electrical health of your building and arms you with the intelligence you need to maintain your systems at optimum efficiency. All the while avoiding interruptions and damage to your business from the minor to the catastrophic.

Meet our Chief Safety Engineer, Spencer Benn

Thank you for visiting SPARK Safety Solutions. I hope you can find all the information you are looking for, but if you need anything, please call me directly on 0406 216 296 or email me on spencer@sparksafetysolutions.com.au

I’ve been working in this industry for 30 years and lead a team of fully qualified licensed electricians, using premium testing and scanning equipment.

Check out the services we offer for more detail on what we can do for you and your company.

And now you’re here I thought I share with you the two best jobs I’ve had Thermal Scanning:

There are perks in every job and I’m really lucky to enjoy what I do every day of the week, but once in a while the odd opportunity crops up that really takes things to the next level.

The first one of which allows me to use this helicopter photo on our About Us page. I was asked to Thermal Scan a section of overhead power line. This could only be done from the air and a helicopter was made available for the job.

And thoughtful as they were, they had taken the doors off the helicopter for me to make the job easier!

We took off and flew for about 20 minutes, hovered at 100ft to take the first scan, then flew the length of the overhead line section looking at the connections & jumpers on the wires before heading back to the airport – without incident, despite our doorless state!

The second job was Thermal Scanning a Leopard Seal at Taronga Zoo for some students.

The students were looking for the hottest point on the body so they could take blood samples. They were having trouble getting a needle through the blubber. They thought the hottest point would have the most blood closest to the surface of the skin.

I volunteered to do this job and the students very kindly thanked me with a lovely bottle of wine!  I’m always happy to do a bit of volunteer work and it doesn’t get much better than this!



It’s important to us that we remain objective with our independent electrical safety testing so we provide testing and reporting services exclusively for that reason.

Should remedial work be required as a result of our testing service, we feel it’s ethically preferable for you to appoint your own electrical company of choice, avoiding any conflict of interest, and leaving us free to give you our unbiased advice and professional expertise.


Our team of local experts responds quickly and provides accurate and speedy reporting – usually within 24 hours of the inspection.


Our professional engineers are highly trained, fully qualified electricians and thermographers, with Level 1 thermography qualification.

Furthermore, all of our insurances are current, and we routinely supply Certificates of Currency.