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Which RCD Should I Be Using?

Which RCD Should I Be Using? Perhaps you have just bought some new equipment for your business or you may be checking your current workplace for compliance and therefore asked yourself: "which RCD should I be using?" You may be wondering which RCD to use for each piece of equipment in your workplace. Therefore you will know there are a range of different devices available to you. The device you choose will be determined by the type of equipment you are using and furthermore the nature of your work. Also, make sure to remember that once you have chosen your [...]

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RCD’s & managing electrical risks in the workplace

RCD's & managing electrical risks in the workplace A residual current device, or safety switch, protects you from the most frequent cause of electrocution. Which is a shock from electricity passing through the body to the earth. It can also provide some protection against electrical fires. RCDs are electrical safety devices designed to immediately switch off the supply of electricity when electricity leaking to earth is detected at harmful levels. They offer high levels of personal protection from electric shock. According to Safework Australia workplace injuries and fatalities can be prevented. This is by the use of properly installed and maintained [...]

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Why Do I Need Thermal Imaging?

Why Do I Need Thermal Imaging? Why Do I Need Thermal Imaging? If you are running a facility you are therefore subject to thermal loss, moisture intrusion and furthermore equipment failures. To limit this kind of problem you will be needing regular testing by a thermal engineer such as Spark Safety Solutions. Thermal imaging is common in utility and industrial buildings and plants. However these days commercial buildings benefit from regular thermography testing too. Thermal imagers are cameras that are used to find heat loss and moisture intrusion. The thermal camera detects this in seconds with no contact measurements. Then [...]

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Electrical Safety Testing and Product Recalls

Electrical Safety Testing and Product Recalls Electrical Safety Testing and Product Recalls As a business in Australia you have a duty of care and responsibility. This is to yourself, your customers and your staff to ensure that any electrical equipment used complies with safety standards. Here is all the information you need to know about Electrical Safety Testing and Product Recalls. According to reports from the ACCC the overall average return rate of recalled goods is 56.75 per cent. However, the ACCC quoted that the average return rates vary markedly from '80 per cent to 36 per cent'. [...]

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