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First of all, microwave radiation is odourless. It is also invisible and therefore hard to detect. Furthermore, it is present whenever a microwave oven is turned on. As a result all machines must be properly cared for and tested. Otherwise the microwave energy they generate can have a harmful effect on your health.

Also, leakage can occur around the door. Sometimes door seals can deteriorate over time. This is because of food particles caught in the door seals. Furthermore from frequent slamming of the door. Consequently they can all increase the risk of microwave oven radiation.

More often than not a simple adjustment is all that is needed to stop the leakage. We use a microwave emissions tester. This is to ensure your environment is not being negatively affected by radioactive energy.

Leakage is more likely to occur in older, damaged or deteriorated models. Therefore, these should be inspected regularly to ensure they are safe.

We offer microwave emission assessments. These are usually in the course of an appliance testing and tagging exercise. We will inspect your microwave appliances for any signs of physical damage. This is combined with an emissions test. Above all we use radiation detection equipment in accordance with Australian safety standards. We can also provide certification tags. Furthermore we can schedule in future services. This will help keep everything up to date.

Microwave oven testing includes:

  • An electrical safety test to ensure your appliances are compliant.

  • A physical inspection to check for damage and deterioration. Furthermore correct functioning and safety compliance.
  • A power output inspection. This will ensure compliance with acceptable standards of electrical flow and magnetration.
  • A radiation emissions inspection. This will assess radiation levels around the appliance.

  • Application of safety certification label to the front of the oven. Plus certification tag and barcode to the power lead.

  • A detailed inspection report will be provided.

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